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Aircon Installation

JKH Engineering is a professional and cost-effective company that provides the Best Aircon Installation Service in Singapore. Our team comprises licensed and experienced technicians who are experts in handling any type of Aircon service in Singapore.

Aircon Installation | Local Handyman Service Singapore

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    For over 12 years, our Aircon experts have been providing the Best Aircon Installation Service in Singapore to thousands of residential and commercial estates.
    We offer one-stop Aircon Services in Singapore for Air Conditioner Installation with our best expertise. Our Handyman/ Technician service is designed to be hasslefree for your daily life.
    Besides the Aircon Servicing our expert technicians carry out a comprehensive range of Aircon Chemical Cleaning, Aircon Gas Topping service, Aircon installation services, Aircon Water Leak Repair, Aircon Noise reduction all done with thorough care.

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Best Aircon installation Service in Singapore

Installing an air condition system is a time-consuming process, and you must carefully follow many of the steps in the instructions if you want it to work properly. You will need to hire a qualified air conditioning installer to do the installation if you are installing it outside the building. 

Billy Aircon is one of the most reputable air conditioning installation service providers in Singapore. We have completed over 200 installations for a variety of clients, including HDB and private residences across the city. We provide installation services for a variety of models from major brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG or Panasonic. Depending on customer preferences, we provide quality branded installation services.

Type of Air Condition We install :

  • Wall dividing system 
  • Ceiling air conditioner 
  • Window air conditioner 
  • Centralized air conditioning 
  • Brand new or old

Leading air conditioner brands in Singapore:

In Singapore, we supply many brands of air conditioners for homes and offices. Often, we don’t know which type of air conditioner will be perfect for our home. So, if you don’t know how to choose the best air conditioner brand to install air conditioners in your home, don’t worry, here we briefly describe the best-selling air conditioners in Singapore and its features, so that you can visualize from the best brand and also choose easily.

  • Daikin 
  • Mitsubishi 
  • Midea 
  • Panasonic

Best Aircon installation Service in Singapore

Determining the best air conditioner for your apartment is not as simple as you might think. When you buy a new air conditioner for your apartment, your regular expenses will change in the future. You can take advantage of its functionality and efficiency or end up spending more but getting less. 

The operation of an air conditioner depends on very specific aspects. It is essential that you become familiar with these terms and get the most out of the money you spend on your air conditioner. The ability to fade 

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner describes its ability to remove heat from a space, making it cooler. This is measured in BTUs. 

BTU of air conditioner: When searching for air conditioners, you may have come across the term “BTU”. But what does BTU mean?  BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, used to measure heat energy. This term describes the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1°F. More specifically, BTU is used to measure the hourly amount of heat that an air conditioner can release from your space. 

Air conditioner compressor : The air conditioner compressor is the most important part of the air conditioner. It circulates the pressure and temperature of the vapor refrigerant as it exits the evaporator coil. It compresses the refrigerant into liquid form, making it cooler while also regulating the temperature of the space. In short, an air conditioner can cool your room thanks to its compressor. 

The air conditioner compressor is responsible for pushing heat and moisture toward the condenser coil. 

The process starts with the engine. It powers the air conditioning compressor to increase the temperature of the refrigerant vapor, leaving the evaporator coil. Increasing the refrigerant temperature helps release heat from the condenser to the condenser of the air conditioner. 

The compressor turns hot gas into liquid. The hot liquid will then flow down the regulator, turning it into a colder form. The compressor then processes the AC liquid from the cooler as a low-pressure gas.

NEA  Review : NEA stands for National Environment Agency. NEA marking ratings are used to determine the energy efficiency of a device. 

The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the device is. Air conditioners with higher rating ratings are more expensive but they come with lower utility costs, such as electricity bills later on. cryogenics 

A refrigerant is a chemical compound, usually in liquid or gas form, found in your air conditioner that absorbs internal heat and provides cooler air after it reaches a unit. Air conditioner parts such as the compressor and evaporator. Without refrigerant, the air conditioner will not work. 

Important: Because exposure to refrigerants is harmful to your health, it is essential to perform regular inspections to ensure that your air conditioning unit is leak-free. 

AC inverter : The term “inverter” is probably one of the most familiar terms on this list. Inverter technology controls the speed of the air conditioner motor to save energy. 

HEPA Filters : HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter is a mechanical filter known for its ability to trap harmful particles such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and smoke particles. This works well to prevent allergies and asthma attacks caused by harmful particles and pollutants. HEPA filter-equipped air conditioners trap more air impurities, including smaller particles that cannot be filtered by our human mechanisms.

Below are signs that the air conditioner is leaking refrigerant: The device displays insufficient cooling power 

  • Noisy unit 
  • The evaporator coil is frozen 
  • Electricity bill is unusually high


The type of refrigerant your air conditioner contains is essential, especially if you are aiming for a more energy-efficient or environmentally friendly unit. Air conditioner refrigerants are not interchangeable. Using the wrong refrigerant for your AC unit can cause damage. The most common types of refrigerants are chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), including R12, hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC), R22, hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), R410A and R134.

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Our commitment to transparency and honesty is reflected in our pricing policy. We will only carry out the services upon your approval of the final quotation, which we will provide to you upfront. Our recommendations will be limited to services or products that align with your needs and requirements, ensuring that you receive precisely what you require.

Additionally, JKH Engineering offers end-to-end solutions for product supply, installation and expert handyman service, saving you time and effort. Our home services prices are always quoted on the net, including labor and transportation.

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Our primary objective is your satisfaction, and we take utmost care to achieve it. If for any reason you are not content with our services, we will work to make it right. Our friendly customer service agents are available seven days a week to assist you. Moreover, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty for the products you install with us, wherever possible, as well as a workmanship warranty. You can peruse our customer testimonials or portfolio to gain an insight into the quality of our work.

Experience Solution

Everyworks has facilitated the connection of numerous satisfied customers with experienced Handyman Service professionals. Our highly informed customer service agents and technicians are adept at troubleshooting your home repair or maintenance issues and are readily available to address any inquiries you may have. We invite you to contact JKH Engineering with any questions or concerns regarding the handyman services in Singapore you require, and we will respond promptly.

We meticulously select each home service provider working on our platform to ensure that their work meets our exceptional standards. With years of experience under their belts, our technicians and home service providers are committed to delivering services of the highest quality, guaranteeing 5-star quality services

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Booking our services is an effortless and seamless process. Simply send us a picture or a detailed description of your situation, and our professional customer service officers will recommend the most appropriate service that fits your needs. Our skilled Handyman service providers will be arranged to fit your schedule so that you can receive the service at a time that is convenient for you.

Everyworks is home to a carefully curated list of certified and reputable professionals from well-known home repair companies in Singapore. We partner with accredited and legitimate partners to provide a comprehensive solution for your home services needs


JKH Engineering provides any kind of aircon installation service in Singapore. Our expert Aircon Technician ensures that your AC unit is running efficiently. We will also test the critical components of the system and ensure that it is working properly. As the leading air conditioning service company in Singapore, we provide quality services at affordable prices in Singapore. Don’t hesitate to contact us at +6591746214 to New Aircon Installation or Old AC installation.. Our services could save you a great deal of time, money, and trouble in the long run.