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Plumbing Leak

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Plumbing leaks in Singapore: understanding, analyzing, fixing

In a fast-paced city like Singapore, homeowners of HDB flats and luxury condominiums face a tragic and common issue called “plumbing leaks.” Water is an essential source of life, its use should be kept under maintenance. If there is leakage in the house leading to water wastage, it can damage many housing assets and also electrical items. It can lead to huge issues or incidents. Here at JKH Engineering Pte. Ltd., people in Singapore can get professional plumbers help. JKH Engineering, with their experience spanning 12 years, can help you with plumbing issues. They promise to provide their best handyman. The plumbing leakage issue in Singapore needs to be more addressed, and people should have an idea about its cause, types, maintenance, fixing, repairing, etc. We’ll learn all the parts ahead.

Fixing pipe leaks

Understanding plumbing leaks:

Plumbing leaks or leakage in pipes can happen at certain times due to many issues causing a variety of problems. Leakage can happen for various reasons, but some fundamental reasons that are always seen are: excessive pressure of water, pipe breakage, corrosion, growth of mold, etc. The news that Singapore leaked water tremendously is already well known. If one has an idea about plumbing issues and detection procedures, he can easily get through the primary issue by himself. Otherwise, one must go for a professional plumber. JKH Engineering provides this help 24/7. Plumbing leaks can be a nightmare for house owners, and they can increase their water bill as well. Understanding this issue is essential for every house owner.

Elements of a plumbing system:

Having a clear idea of the components of plumbing can help in detecting plumbing issues easily. Some elements of their works are:

Pipes: Pipes are the most common part of any plumbing system. Pipes are used to connect all features together and make the system work fine. Different kinds of pipes are used for different kinds of work. Some are made of PVC, copper, PEX, etc. The installation of pipes plays a key role in the proper supply of water. They come in different sizes, too. It’s size depends on where it’s going to be used. Pipe leak repair is an essential part of plumbing leakage fixing.

Fixtures: After pipes, fixtures are one of the most needy things. Fixtures help provide water access, and different fixtures have different work types. Some provide hot and cold water; some are used for water saving; some are also used for drainage issues; and more.

Valves: Valves control the flow of the water. It makes sure whether to make water flow heavily or slowly or to stop it. All of the water flow procedures are controlled by it. There are many types of valves. Like-gate valves, ball valves, etc.

Pointing out different types of elements, features, and their work is mandatory. Even in previous times, Singapore leaked due to drastic water breakage.

Types of plumbing leaks:

There are some really common leak issues, like faucet, toilet, water heater leakage, and more. At first, we need to understand leak types. Those are:

Pinhole leaks: These leaks are very narrow and small. These are too hard to find out.

Moderate leaks: These are visible leaks. These drip quite a lot of water.

Gushing leaks: Gushing leaks are a very familiar one, as they are accumulated with almost broken pipes and overflowing water. Household residents found themselves in a race against time as reports flooded in, confirming the severity of the situation, as Singapore leaked from underground pipes, threatening to flood streets and homes. Thus, it’s better to have an idea about plumbing leaks. Some common plumbing leaks are:

Supply line leaks: breakage or leakage in the main line of water causes supply line leaks. These supply line leaks happen mostly due to corrosion.

Roof leaks: Roof leaks happen when water penetrates through the roofing material, which leads to water damage inside the building. They can cause damage to roofing materials, clogged gutters, or improper flashing installation.

Appliance leaks: They happen in plumbing chokes like water heaters, washing machines, etc. Leaks can be caused by malfunctioning components, loose connections, or worn-out hoses.

Toilet leaks: overflowing water inside the toilet tank can lead to toilet leakage. Toilet leaks happen for tremendous reasons, like broken flushes, flush valve leakage, corrosion, and all.

Detection methods:

Tap and Faucet Services - JKH Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Tap & Faucet Services – JKH Engineering Pte. Ltd.


Along with knowing about the cause of leaks, we must also know about their detection methods. Some are-

Visual detection: visual detection is the easiest one. You just have to find out about any kinds of stains or drops in water levels.

Sound detection: Sound detection is just about going through the process of hearing noise related to water dropping or weird flushing sounds.

Pressure test: It’s about analyzing if the water level is under control, extreme, or low.

Color testing: Through color testing, you just have to add a few drops of color to the water tank and search through the washroom floor or other places. If there are any leaks, colorful water will be seen.

Ultrasonic leak detection: It’s a device that detects leaks through a kind of sound wave. Except for these detection methods, there are many more. To stop upcoming headlines like “Singapore leaked,” everyone must work on plumbing issues.

Signs of leaks:

One must be aware of leaky signs. To make it easier, some signs are given here:

Water stains and discoloration: Sometimes, if there is rapid water dripping at a certain spot, there will be stains or color-fading issues in that area.

Increase in water bills: Water waste can lead to an increase in water bills. Thus, leaks will lead to an increase in bills.

Molds and odors: For continuous water dripping, there will be signs of mold and bad odors.

Rust and corrosion: There will be visible damage to most iron or metal-type things. There will be visible rust and corrosion.

There can be some more visible damages, like cracked tiles, peeling paint, green floors, etc.

Pipe leak detection

Repairing procedures or techniques:

After completing all procedures for identifying leaks, detecting them, and knowing the signs of leaks, one must also know how to repair them. JKH Engineering follows these steps as they are mentioned by their professionals. Some steps are:

Turn off water: When there is a major crack or plumbing issue, one must turn off the water supply. Singapore leaked information about the new water conservation policies. So, it’s better to avoid such waste.

Draining pipes: whenever there is damage to a water pipe, pipe leak repair follows the first step of draining the remaining water inside the pipe.

Replace damaged section: Whichever part is damaged by a leak, that is replaced by a better material. This will help in reducing overflow of water, and things like Singapore leaked.

Seal and insulate: after jointing parts and other works, sealing is the most important one, which is done mostly through the use of Teflon tape.

Testing: Through testing, it is finally assured that the pipe or any other part that was leaked is perfectly fine.

JKH Engineering is working and providing their best handymen to Singaporean people whenever they are in need. Thus, their fast-paced lives will be less troublesome with this. Except for all these, one can take steps like maintenance, proper installation, and more to prevent such occurrences.

Finding out the cause of leaks:

Concerned citizens are implying the fact of plumbing leakage to avoid previous situations like the news that Singapore leaked. After knowing or getting an idea about the types of leaks, one must find out the cause of the leaks. Causes of leaks help in preventing leaks as well. Some are:

Corrosion: As time goes by, pipes may corrode due to exposure to water, chemicals, or environmental factors, leading to weakened areas that are prone to leaks.

Loose Connections: Improper connection or use of mismatched items or tools can lead to a loose connection. JKH Engineering always checks for leaks and other prominent problems thoroughly and finds out the proper cause and way to deal with things like Singapore leaks. Due to excessive water transport or flow, Singapore leaked quite a few times. To take action against issues like pipe water leaks, valve leakage, etc., we have to find out their source.

Improper Installation

Installation is the work that needs to be done under full observation to avoid regular pipe leak repair or any other part repair. It’s proper installation can help in avoiding cases like the Singapore leak.

Chemical damage

Many harsh components like zinc, mercury, and aluminum can go to these pipe lines through drainage and cause damage to those pipe line connections. Which most often cause in Singapore leaked.

Extreme Water Pressure

Extreme water pressure can put strain on pipes, valves, tanks, and fixtures, causing them to develop leaks.

Freezing Temperatures

Mainly in winter-prone countries, water inside pipes can freeze and expand, which can cause cracks or bursts in the pipe walls.