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Aircon Gas Top up

Are you looking to top up your aircon gas? You’re in the right place! JKH Engineering aircon company is able to help you with aircon gas top-ups. We’ll cover or suggest you to what type of gas you need, how much you need, and how to get it done. 


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    More than 12+ years experienced aircon technician of JKH Engineering serving residential & commercial sectors in the Handyman industry, Singapore since 2010.
    We do top-to-bottom aircon servicing. We are Designed our service system to provide hassle-free service for you. Aircon servicing, Installation, repairing, etc everything can do here easily.
    Jkh Engineering technicians maintain a comprehensive list of air conditioning works including aircon installations, chemical overhauls, gas top up & more. Each service is done sincerely.

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To ensure your aircon is supplying the right amount of gas, regular top-ups & check-ups should be done. Every aircon always will display signs to alert you when gas is leaking.

Every sign will let you know if you might need an aircon gas refill or an aircon chemical upgrade. 

Aircon Leaking Water

This is a very big and common issue for every aircon of every family or every aircon user. If there is a shortage of coolant, the warm air is not converted easily or manually to cool enough, which can lead to condensate pooling. Shortage of coolant is the main reason for Aircon leaking.

A gas shortage means that there isn’t enough coolant to turn warm air into cool. Other causes of condensate water leakage include gas shortage. Regular checking or servicing is mandatory for all aircon users to avoid any hassle. JKH engineering is reliable for any residential, commercial & industrial owner. 

Persistent Aircon Issues

Aircon problem makes everybody irritate. An aircon unit can stop working due to many reasons. This is another very important issue. Any problem loses our time, money and regular easy & healthy life.

If you have done an AC repair and still are having problems, you can contact JKH Engineering’s professional local handyman company in Singapore to check your aircon gas pressure to determine if it’s low. 

Aircon Exertion

When the room gets cold, the air conditioner will stop blowing at its maximum speed. But if the unit continues to run at high speed for a long time without shutting down, it means there is a problem with the aircon. Your aircon needs to be checked for gas very quickly.

Solving any problem at the beginning does not destroy it. Repairing at a low cost saves money, time, and trouble. Contact JKH Engineering for taking the best aircon service from them & solve any technical aircon issues within a short time.

Ice on Evaporator Coils

Low coolant is a major cause of ice buildup. This is an aircon problem that normally occurs when using ac. A low cooling image may cause ice to form on the evaporator coil. Aqueous vapors may condense around the coil due to low cooling.

When ice appears along the evaporator coil, it means that some air conditioners are obstructing their ideal operation. The ice itself creates a big problem, but the source of the ice can be an even worse problem. Here air leakage can lead to water leakage.

We are a local handyman service provider name JKH Engineering aircon company able to help you check if this issue requires an aircon gas top-up or an aircon repair.