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Door Hinge Installation/Repair/Replacement

JKH Engineering provides the best professional handyman service in Singapore. We provide Door Hinge Services in Singapore for technical installation and technical accessories installation with our best expertise. Our Expert technician  has been resolving any type of technical  issue since 2010 with honest & transparent pricing within the shortest time possible.



Door Hinge Installation/Replacement/Repair - JKH Engineering

Are You Looking for a Door Hinge Installation/ Replacement / Repair Service provider?

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    For over 12 years, our experts have been providing the Best Door Hinge Services in Singapore to thousands of residential and commercial estates.
    We offer one-stop Furniture Repair Service in Singapore for handyman Door Hinge Services with our best expertise. Our Handyman service is designed to be hasslefree for your daily life.
    Besides the Door Hinge Repair and accessories installation, our handyman carries out a comprehensive range of repairing services, including technical repair, technical installation, technical services, and door handle, door hinge installation services, all done with thorough care. In addition to repairing or replacing your technical allocation, we also offer more at direct contractor prices!

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JKH Engineering has been working in the Door Hinge services Singapore sector for several years and has built relations with customers. Door Hinge services are a necessity and emergence part of residence, industrial, business and any other factory site. In this modern age we need security to lead our daily life, facilitate each of the securities  in our daily needs and working purposes. And we need technical gadgets to make our life easier.  Moreover, after the grace of period, depreciation of their bell, and these parts of gadgets may need to be fixed or replaced. Our team comprises licensed and experienced carpenters who are experts in handling any type of Door Hinge service in Singapore

Importance of Door Hinge service

Door hinge services is a large term that surrounds a wide area of services related to the door hinge including replacement, repair and installation. Door hinge services can be the variety of skilled technicians, locksmiths, carpenters and handymen. When finding a door hinge service provider it is important to relate that the technician or type of services you need is provided by the experienced technician and the cost of the service.

If you need door hinge services, it is important to get an estimate from multiple providers before choosing one. This will help you ensure that you are getting the best possible price for the service you need.

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Door Hinge Installation

Door hinge installation is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a short amount of time. Here are the basic steps involved in door hinge installation with inch backset:

  • Remove the old door hinges and bar.
  • Mark the location of the new door hinge on the door.
  • Drill some holes for the door hinge.
  • Insert the spindle through and attach the door hinge.
  • Attach the bar to the door frame.
  • Test the door hinge to make sure that it is properly installed.

If you are not comfortable installing a door hinge  yourself, you can hire a locksmith or carpenter to do it for you.


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We are specialized also on Door hinge related work at affordable prices. All of the staff of JKH Engineering do their work sincerely. Very few organizations are available like us that offer all kinds of handyman-related services together.

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Requesting all Singapore people to visit our website to get services from JKH Engineering, a reliable, modern, and skilled handyman service provider. The best JKH Engineering in Singapore is highly skilled in Door repair (Door Hinge Installation/Repair/Replacement).

Door Hinge Repair

Door hinge repair service is a service that fixes damaged or broken door hinges. This service can be performed by a locksmith, carpenter, or handyman. The most common door hinge repair services include:


  • Tight the loose screws
  • Fix Sticking door hinges
  • Replace broken hinges
  • Repair damaged finishes
  • Fix the broken hinges


If your door hinge is damaged or broken, it is necessary to have it repaired as soon as possible. This will help to prevent further damage to your door and hardware, and it will also ensure that your door is properly secured.


Door Hinge Replacement

Door hinge replacement is a viable option when the hinges are damaged, corroded, or worn beyond repair. The cost of replacing door hinges can vary depending on factors such as the number of hinges needed, the type of hinges selected, and any additional work required to complete the replacement.

Maintaining your door hinges is essential for several reasons:

  • Smooth Operation: Well-maintained hinges ensure that doors open and close smoothly, providing convenience and preventing wear and tear on the door and frame.
  • Security: Securely functioning hinges are crucial for keeping your home safe. Hinges in good condition ensure that doors can be securely locked.
  • Aesthetics: Maintaining hinges can also contribute to the overall appearance of your doors and home. Well-kept hinges enhance both the security and visual appeal of your living spaces.


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Door hinges may be small components, but they play a significant role in the functionality, security, and aesthetics of your home. In Singapore, door hinge services, particularly for wooden doors, are readily available to address repair and replacement needs. By investing in professional door hinge services, you can ensure the reliability and durability of your door hinges, enhancing both the security and visual appeal of your living spaces. Whether you need repair or replacement, don’t overlook the importance of these seemingly minor but essential components in your home.

Door Hinge service

The cost of door hinge services in Singapore can vary depending on several factors:

  • Type of Service: Whether you need to repair or replace the door hinges will influence the price.
  • Type of Hinge: The material, design, and quality of the door hinge you choose will affect the cost.
  • Service Provider: Different service providers may have various pricing structures.

As a general estimate, the price for door hinge services can start at around SGD 50, but the final cost will depend on your specific requirements.

Door hinges may seem like minor components of a door, but they play a crucial role in the functionality and security of your home. In Singapore, where home security and aesthetics are paramount, door hinge services are essential. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of door hinges, the services available in Singapore, their pricing, and the importance of maintaining or replacing them when necessary.


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Choosing the best door hinge service in Singapore is crucial. Consider factors such as professionalism, reliability, and expertise when selecting a service provider. A reputable provider should have a strong track record of successfully repairing or replacing door hinges, ensuring their proper function and security.

BEST Door Hinge Service Singapore

There are different  things to consider when choosing Door Hinge service in Singapore. 

It is necessary to make sure that your technician is skilled and experienced. When hiring a technician, service makers should consider whether the technician has experience working with Door Hinge Repair service. 

Companies should obtain references from previous customers to determine the professionalism of a technician. Businesses in Singapore can use this information to find reliable and experienced workmen who can meet their needs according to the guidelines.

Best Pricing & Transparency

Our commitment to transparency and honesty is reflected in our pricing policy. We will only carry out the services upon your approval of the final quotation, which we will provide to you upfront. Our recommendations will be limited to services or products that align with your needs and requirements, ensuring that you receive precisely what you require.

Additionally, JKH Engineering offers end-to-end solutions for product supply, installation and expert handyman service, saving you time and effort. Our home services prices are always quoted on the net, including labor and transportation.

Reliability & Workmanship

Our primary objective is your satisfaction, and we take utmost care to achieve it. If for any reason you are not content with our services, we will work to make it right. Our friendly customer service agents are available seven days a week to assist you. Moreover, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty for the products you install with us, wherever possible, as well as a workmanship warranty. You can peruse our customer testimonials or portfolio to gain an insight into the quality of our work.

Experience Solution

Everyworks has facilitated the connection of numerous satisfied customers with experienced Handyman Service professionals. Our highly informed customer service agents and technicians are adept at troubleshooting your home repair or maintenance issues and are readily available to address any inquiries you may have. We invite you to contact JKH Engineering with any questions or concerns regarding the handyman services in Singapore you require, and we will respond promptly.

We meticulously select each home service provider working on our platform to ensure that their work meets our exceptional standards. With years of experience under their belts, our technicians and home service providers are committed to delivering services of the highest quality, guaranteeing 5-star quality services

Seamless Process

Booking our services is an effortless and seamless process. Simply send us a picture or a detailed description of your situation, and our professional customer service officers will recommend the most appropriate service that fits your needs. Our skilled Handyman service providers will be arranged to fit your schedule so that you can receive the service at a time that is convenient for you.

Everyworks is home to a carefully curated list of certified and reputable professionals from well-known home repair companies in Singapore. We partner with accredited and legitimate partners to provide a comprehensive solution for your home services needs

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So if you think you have a Door Hinge issue that you don’t solve, give us a call at +6591746214. Our team will help you the right way. JKH Engineering’s services could save you a great deal of time, money, and trouble in the long run.