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Electrical repair services

JKH Engineering provides the best electrician Singapore. We provide Electrical Repair Services in Singapore for all kinds of electrical installation and emergency electrical service with our best expertise. Our Expert electrician has been resolving any type of Electrical issue since 2010 with honest & transparent pricing within the shortest time possible.


Are You Looking for an ELECTRICAL expert for ELECTRICAL REPAIR?

Why Choose Us?

    For over 12 years, our expert electrician has been providing 24 hour electrical circuit service in Singapore to thousands of residential and commercial estates.
    We offer one-stop Electrical Service Singapore for electrical installation and electric components installation with our best expertise. Our Electrical service is designed to be hasslefree for your daily life.
    Besides the Electric Repair and accessories installation our electrician carries out a comprehensive range of repairing services, including electrical repair, electrical installation, circuit breaker services, and switch installation services, electrical service near me , 24/7 electrical service near me all done with thorough care. In addition to repairing or replacing your electrical allocation, we also offer more at direct contractor prices!

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JKH Engineering has been working in the Electrical repair service Singapore sector for several years and has built relations with customers. Electrical repair services are a necessity and emergency part of residences, industrial, businesses, and any other factory site. 

In this modern age, we need electricity to lead our daily lives and facilitate each of the activities in our daily needs and working purposes. Moreover, we need electrical gadgets to make our lives easier.

Moreover, after the grace period, depreciation of their bell, and these parts of gadgets may need to be fixed or replaced. Our team comprises licensed and experienced carpenters who are experts in handling any type of Electrical Repair service in Singapore. We also provide emergency electrician Singapore services.

When you Call Electrical Expert for Your Installation Needs?

JKH Engineering service in Singapore, we provide the Electric Repair Service with our skilled electrician who can fix or repair the Electrical switch which is not working or smally damaged.

Electrical repair services

Electrical Switch repair :

Electrical switches can be damaged for many reasons, such as depreciation, blasting or faulty wiring. Electrical Switch repair services work on different types of switches. And for the basis of Electrical Repair services our technician provide the Electrical Switch service including:

  • Dimmer Light Switch
  • Water Heater Switch
  • Light Switch Cover
  • Hager Switch
  • MK Switch etc

In our service company we provide the best Electrical Switch Repair services singapore. We may introduce ourselves as a champion of Electric Repair service in Singapore.

Power Socket Repair :

Power Socket Repair service is important to securing the surety and  credibility of your electrical dictation. Our Electricians usually examine the power socket to find out the exact problem of your electric line. It may occur with losing wiring, injured components or overheating issues. Once our electrician finds out the problem and then he can provide the necessary repairs of your electric power socket if needed. We ensure that we provide the qualified electrician. We serve the services of Burnt Electrical Outlet, Replace Broken or Old Power Socket, Hager Power Socket and MK Power Socket.

By taking taking our Electric Repair service you can benefited with

 Security: Our Electricians are well trained to work safely  and properly with electricity. 

Amenities: our electrician can come to your home to provide you the best power socket repair service. It is full of risk free to get the proper solution of your Power socket.

Satisfaction: Informing that your power socket has been fixed by a skilled electrician gives you the proper satisfaction of mind that it is safe and will work properly.

24 hour electrician singapore
Electrical switch services

Light Repair :

Power light is a light that provides power by your residential or businesses with multifunctioning power  systems. Lights are found in many places such as walls, ceiling and floors also.

If your power light is not working, we are ready to solve your not working light problems. Our service ensures the nuisance and safety hazard adding that your lights are working properly and safely. Once the problem is recognized our electrician ensures the necessary repairing or replacement of your power light.

Distribution Board Repair :

If your power distribution board is not working properly, it may cause many problems such as power draine, short circuits or fires. Distribution board repair service ensures that your board is working safely and eqally.

After determining the problem, our electricians make the fixing system of your board. To damage a  distribution board includes slack wiring, wasted components, and scorching. We provide the services of Circuit Breaker Repair, DB Box Repair and others. From us you benefitted with your safety, amenities and satisfaction

Electrical repair services

Electrical Repair Singapore :

There are different  things to consider when choosing electrical repair service in Singapore. 

It is necessary to make sure that your electrician is skilled and experienced. When hiring an electrician, service makers should consider whether the electrician  has experience working with Electrical Repair service. 

Companies should obtain references from previous customers to determine the professionalism of an electrician. Businesses in Singapore can use this information to find reliable and experienced workmen who can meet their needs according to the guidelines.

Best Pricing & Transparency

Our commitment to transparency and honesty is reflected in our pricing policy. We will only carry out the services upon your approval of the final quotation, which we will provide to you upfront. Our recommendations will be limited to services or products that align with your needs and requirements, ensuring that you receive precisely what you require.

Additionally, JKH Engineering offers end-to-end solutions for product supply, installation and expert handyman service, saving you time and effort. Our home services prices are always quoted on the net, including labor and transportation.

Reliability & Workmanship

Our primary objective is your satisfaction, and we take utmost care to achieve it. If for any reason you are not content with our services, we will work to make it right. Our friendly customer service agents are available seven days a week to assist you. Moreover, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty for the products you install with us, wherever possible, as well as a workmanship warranty. You can peruse our customer testimonials or portfolio to gain an insight into the quality of our work.

Experience Solution

Everyworks has facilitated the connection of numerous satisfied customers with experienced Handyman Service professionals. Our highly informed customer service agents and technicians are adept at troubleshooting your home repair or maintenance issues and are readily available to address any inquiries you may have. We invite you to contact JKH Engineering with any questions or concerns regarding the handyman services in Singapore you require, and we will respond promptly.

We meticulously select each home service provider working on our platform to ensure that their work meets our exceptional standards. With years of experience under their belts, our technicians and home service providers are committed to delivering services of the highest quality, guaranteeing 5-star quality services

Seamless Process

Booking our services is an effortless and seamless process. Simply send us a picture or a detailed description of your situation, and our professional customer service officers will recommend the most appropriate service that fits your needs. Our skilled Handyman service providers will be arranged to fit your schedule so that you can receive the service emergency electrician near me at a time that is convenient for you. 

Everyworks is home to a carefully curated list of certified and reputable professionals from well-known home repair companies in Singapore. We partner with accredited and legitimate partners to provide a comprehensive solution for your home services needs

So if you think you have an Electrical Repair issue that you don’t solve, give us a call at +6591746214. Our team will help you right away. JKH Engineering’s services could save you a great deal of time, money, and trouble in the long run.